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About the Movie

Passionate, adventurous and gloriously alive, MADE IN MALTA illustrates how reignited love it’s as thrilling and blissful as it is fragile.  

Set across the Mediterranean paradise of Malta, MADE IN MALTA follows American filmmaker Vincent (Greg Audino) and his Spanish ex-girlfriend Annalisa (Ariadna Cabrol) over twenty-four hours. The two are reunited at the European premiere of Vincent’s film when he’s caught completely off guard by Annalisa who walked out on him five years earlier and inspired the story.

Despite doubts about her true intentions, Vincent agrees to escape the pressures of the premiere and explore the Maltese islands with her before a defining business meeting later that evening. Their chemistry is undeniable as they discover Malta and each other again in the face of Vincent’s high strung producer ensuring he makes it to the meeting. Unbeknownst to Vincent, however, his delicate fantasy lays in Annalisa’s secret, which once exposed, will force them to confront the rest of their lives. 

Starring Ariadna Cabrol, Greg Audino

Written, Directed & Produced by Julian Galea

A Galea Pictures Production